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This was my first time trying this place. The Tteokbokki was really good and the Japchae Bap with beef was really good as well. I’m glad i came here. Definitely will come here more often when I’m craving Korean food.

-Rachelle R.


Spicy pork bibimbap with Thai milk tea is my go-to for to-go. The bowl comes with cabbage, carrots, edamame, greens, cucumbers, kimchi, fried egg, and of course I got gochujang sauce. The rolls were nice and crispy too! They're really sweet in person I appreciate their kindness

-Brianna J.


This place is amazing. I had never had Korean food before and thought I would try something different and I’m glad I did. The food is so good that I’m there at least once or twice every week. Everything is always so fresh and flavorful. I’ve tried everything from the bibimbap to the chicken dumplings to the yakisoba and more. I don’t write a lot of Google reviews but I felt I had to. The place is just that good!

-Erik A.


We love Soul Fusion, their food is always so delicious. We order from them frequently and we’ve never had a bad meal. Their bulgogi is always on point. If you’re looking for somewhere good to eat look no further!

-Brendan S.